PrayLink 4•18•2024

PrayLink for April 18, 2024

Ecuador: Ana Cristina Bastidas. Praise God that on resurrection Sunday 22 people were baptized at our local church! Every person who is baptized, gets assigned a volunteer to walk with them for a month after their baptism. They asked me to do this and I have been walking with a young woman who was a catholic all her life. She is very new in her relationship with Jesus. So, even though she made the decision to get baptized, I still was able to explain the full gospel to her in one of our meetings.

Thailand: Julie Dealey. Praise God for how He brings us closer to Him and each other through wonderful times of evening worship at our church!

Argentina: Nathan & Christina. Please pray for our time with friends that we are discipling, for Nathan as he is preaching at our church on April 14th, and for me (Christina) as I have been asked to baptize a girl that I have been discipling in the faith.

Ethiopia: Tegenu. I will be traveling to Ethiopia April 24 - May 10 to invest in church leaders there, several of whom work in difficult Muslim areas of the country. Pray for my safety and wisdom that I may encourage and equip those disciple-makers.

Myanmar: David. Urgent prayer is needed for my hometown that has been struck by the country's military in response to resistance attacks. People have been killed by numerous bombs that have landed near my home and church. Also, the military has begun a new draft, and many young men are fleeing to escape the draft. They are coming to me asking for prayer as they risk their lives to flee. Pray for me and my team as we try to shepherd our community in these difficult days.

Philippines: We are asking that the Spirit's wisdom, guidance, and transformation of the heart and mind to be received by all those that we are mentoring and discipling.

Greece: Praise God for the renewed interest in Scripture we are seeing among those with whom we are gathering!

James 1:12
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

Pray for the World Partners staff as many travel in this new year of ministry. Pray for wisdom, health, and protection as they continue to share the gospel. And also, for safety and peace for the WORLD PARTNERS STAFF who are in countries with volatile situations.

Multiplying Disciples of Jesus for Renewal Worldwide.

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