PrayLink 6•11•2024

PrayLink for June 11, 2024

PRAYLINK June 11, 2024

Cameroon: Kennedy & Lucy Nkezea
. Praise the Lord for 6 people in a small town who have begun to follow Jesus because of the witness of a World Partners disciple-maker named Roland. Pray the Lord will make a way for Roland to return to this area and baptize these new disciples.

Serbia: Zoltan & Tanja Vegel. Praise God that Zoltan had the privilege to baptize Slava, a Russian refugee they have been discipling. And please pray for the outreach event with a team from Calvary Chapel, Howell, NJ on June 22nd.

USA: Bryan & Molly Canny. Pray for Bryan as he speaks at a camp for foster children on June 10 -13th. Pray the messages will resonate and connect deeply with these kids and give them hope. Also pray for Molly as she is in charge of VBS at their church in Billings, MT.

France: A staff member asks for prayer as they turn in immigration paperwork to renew their French residency card. Pray for the in-person meeting and for who they are to meet with to finalize the application. And pray that they process the renewal application in a timely manner so ministry can continue.

Bangladesh: Two World Partners related disciple-makers are looking to gather some Muslim background believers together with some people who do not yet follow Jesus to share a meal together. They want to model to Muslim background believers how to share a gospel witness in that setting. Pray their plans will come to fruition in a way that most glorifies Jesus.

USA: Please continue praying for the 15 new missionary units we sense the Lord wanting to add to World Partners. We seek 12 more and have several quality candidates in our pipeline. Ask the Lord to send more people from more of our MCUSA churches.

Ecclesiastes 2:26
"To the man who pleases Him, God gives him wisdom, knowledge and happiness.”

Pray for the World Partners staff as many travel in this new year of ministry. Pray for wisdom, health, and protection as they continue to share the gospel. And also, for safety and peace for the World Partners staff who are in countries with volatile situations.

Multiplying Disciples of Jesus for Renewal Worldwide.

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