PrayLink January 24, 2024

PrayLink for January 24, 2024

USA: Jeremy & Mindie Tice would like prayer for Bethel University as they launch “Engage,” a new World Partners initiative to help Missionary Church high school students be introduced to missions through an immersion experience with our overseas staff. Also pray for us to be a blessing as we teach on evangelism at a youth retreat in February and for many to walk in deeper obedience to Christ during this time.

GREECE: A staff member would like prayer for their children and their plans. As well as prayers for needed additional support. They are also thankful that God is teaching them to walk with him in every situation.

THAILAND: Julie Dealey praises God that she is always blessed by His continued provision and timing.

ARGENTINA: Christina Duran would like prayer for us as we refocus our mission and are discerning where God is leading. We have praise for the complete Joy IN HIM no matter what is going on around us while we are abiding IN CHRIST.

MIDDLE EAST: A staff member praises God for that they were able to bring food to residents in a nearby city and were able to share the gospel. “Two of the young women in our congregation have just become believers in the last three years. Their mother came to faith because of their witness and was baptized in December. We have had opportunities to share with her over the last few years, including at the baptism of one of her daughters. She has been faithfully attending our congregation.”

GERMANY: Edward Kim would like prayer for the Jewish ministry in Berlin and Ukrainian ministry in Europe. Also pray for us as we have begun to prepare for the Ukrainian English Youth camp, 2024.

PHILIPPINES: A staff member would like prayer for two ministry partners that have not been fully reconciled. There have been some steps in a good direction, but they are not complete yet. We need prayers for harmony and direction for those in our organization. I have also been discipling others in being intentional about being in conversation with God. And God has really been speaking to those around us in very clear ways.

EUROPE: A staff member would like prayer for the months ahead, asking the Lord for a place to stay this summer when I go home on Home Ministry Assignment, for a car to use, and for help in scheduling cataract surgery. And please ask the Lord to help all of us stand strong in the midst of so much stress in our world! Thank you!

Pray for the World Partners staff as many plan for the new year of ministry. Pray for wisdom, health, and protection as they continue to share the gospel. And also, for safety and peace for the WORLD PARTNERS STAFF who are in countries with volatile situations.

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