PrayLink November 7, 2023

AFRICA: EZEKIEL requests prayer as they had to move from their home due to the possibility of violence towards his family. Ezekiel, his wife, Sala Matu, their children, and a group of orphans they are raising currently live in a small apartment. Ezekiel and Sala Matu currently have twenty children living with them. Pray for safety and peace for his family. Pray Sala Matu’s health would stabilize. Pray Ezekiel and Sala Matu’s son would receive his visa to be able to study abroad for college. He is currently living at home until this is resolved. Pray for travel safety for Ezekiel as he meets and speaks with many individuals as he is in the United States now through November 21.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they hold their first Inductive Bible Study with another couple this evening.

RUSSIA: A STAFF MEMBER regularly leads a group in an online Bible study and they have started the book of Ezekiel. Pray for the staff as she leads and the attendees as they grow closer to Jesus. The staff member requests prayers as she will need to make a trip across the border to renew her visa soon. Pray the Lord would give her safety, wisdom in knowing the best time to schedule her trip, and energy for the trip.

BOLIVIA: Pray for ABAD, MIGUEL ARIAS, NAT BROWN, and JAMES WOLHETER as they lead an Evento Keystone discipleship training in Riberalta, Bolivia from November 3-12. This will be intensive training with a group of people training to be missionaries in the Latin world and Africa.

EUROPE: Pray for a REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR (RSC) as she is in Kenya now through November 14. The Regional Strategy Coordinator is teaching two groups of women how to use oral techniques and audio Bibles to disciple other women. The RSC states, “These ladies are so excited to be here and working so hard. On one hand, they are participating in multiple oral Bible studies per day, listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to them and growing as disciples of Jesus. On the other hand, they are learning basic oral learning tools and putting them into practice as they take turns leading Bible studies.”

RUSSIA: A REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR and his ministry partner are currently in Russia in a new area to talk about discipleship and what it looks like at the local level to intentionally make disciples. The Regional Strategy Coordinator will also teach at a church for three days. They are in Russia now through November 13.

MOZAMBIQUE: Pray for GERALD STEELE and Jim Wisler as they are currently in Mozambique now through November 23. Gerald will be teaching on the launch of disciple-making movements.

MIDDLE EAST: Continue to pray for a STAFF COUPLE and their daughter who are in a volatile area, but are currently safe.

Pray for safety and comfort for the WORLD PARTNERS STAFF who are in countries with volatile situations. 

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