PrayLink December 19, 2023

PrayLink for December 19, 2023

May you have a joyous season of celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace while you continue to pray for safety and peace for the World Partners Staff who are in countries with volatile situations.

LATVIA: RICK DUGAN asks for prayer for teams as they continue to grow and bear fruit. Disciples are multiplying, new churches are emerging, and new teams are forming and reaching out to new unreached people groups. Continue to pray for this indigenous, grass-roots movements as I coach the movement leaders.

EUROPE: A staff member would like to celebrate and ask for continuing prayers for relationships being built within their community. You can pray specifically for a young man who was very nervous and uncertain about visiting their home at first. But now he makes himself at home, looks forward to spending time with them and refers to them as some of his “few close friends.”

MIDDLE EAST: A staff member would like to say, “May God bless you for your kindness. It was wonderful. Each moment was such a joy, and I'm looking forward to the next trip.” They are very grateful and appreciative of your support for a mission trip experience that led them closer to our Lord.

GUINEA: BRUCE & DAWN CLUCKIE ask for prayer for a father that recently had surgery after a fall. However, they rejoice that he accepted Jesus and was baptized because of this accident! Also pray for two Christmas gatherings taking place this week. Pray for lodging options for Believers who come in from small villages and wish to stay overnight, and for folks to have the money to cover the cost of the food. Pray for it to be a real time of celebration and witness to those watching.

ITALY: IVAN AND ZHANA KALABRIC ask for prayers for the younger generation to be drawn away from spiritual darkness. And pray against a persistent influenza circling within their family as kids have Christmas shows at school this semester.

MIDDLE EAST: During a time of unrest, a staff member rejoices during this Christmas season in the baptism of a new believer!

Pray for the World Partners staff as many invite their disciples, neighbors, and friends to celebrate Christmas with them in their churches and homes this holiday season.

PrayLink will not be published on December 26. It will resume on January 2.

Reminder: The World Partners and Missionary Church Inc. offices will be closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays: Office is closed Monday, December 25 — Monday, January 1. We will re-open on Tuesday, January 2.

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