PrayLink October 31, 2023

Join THEO and BRI MAKOMBE as they share about their ministry in Rwanda at Davison Missionary Church in Davison, Michigan, this Sunday, November 5.

BOLIVIA: Pray for ABAD, MIGUEL ARIAS, NAT BROWN, and JAMES WOLHETER as they lead an Evento Keystone discipleship training in Riberalta, Bolivia from November 3-12. This will be intensive training with a group of people training to be missionaries in the Latin world and Africa.

EUROPE: Pray for a REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR as she is in Kenya now through November 14. The Regional Strategy Coordinator is teaching two groups of women how to use oral techniques and audio Bibles to disciple other women.

RUSSIA: A REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR and his ministry partner are in a new ministry area in Russia talking about discipleship and what it looks like at the local level to intentionally make disciples. The Regional Strategy Coordinator will also teach at a church for three days while he is in the country. They are in Russia now through November 13.

MOZAMBIQUE: Pray for GERALD STEELE and Jim Wisler as they are currently in Mozambique now through November 23. Gerald will be teaching on the launch of disciple-making movements.

GUINEA: BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE request prayer for Bruce “as he and his recording team are currently working on recording Genesis 2. They are playing the audio (last year a group came out and recorded the entire Old Testament in audio form), and then interacting with the text. They discuss what is significant from the text to them as Yalunkas. This is very important for people to hear the actual text.”

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they begin an inductive Bible study with another couple. Pray that the couple will have open hearts to what the Lord is saying to them.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he preaches in church this Sunday. He will be sharing from Mark 2:22.

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he teaches English as a Second Language to the community four evenings a week. The classes are small, so the staff member is able to really get to know and interact with his students.

URUGUAY: Pray for TIM and SUSANA GRETSCHMANN as they start a group for those interested in knowing more about God and what is happening in the world. This group will meet in the Gretschmann’s home. Tim and Susana state, “We have noticed that there are a number of lonely people without purpose in life and we ask that you pray that the Lord will direct and guide us to these people so we may show them how to know God personally.”

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he preaches his last sermon this Sunday in a local congregation. This sermon will be about serving the body of Christ, the church.

PERU: JOSHUA and MISSY SAUNE request prayer for Joshua's mother, Maria. She broke her hip and the doctor has cast her leg, in the hope that it will keep her from moving her hip too much. Maria will be bedridden for four to eight weeks. Joshua is currently locating nursing care for his mother when she returns home. Joshua and Missy are making arrangements to leave the United States for Peru this month.

MIDDLE EAST: Continue to pray for a STAFF COUPLE and their daughter who are in a volatile area, but are currently safe.

Pray for safety and comfort for the WORLD PARTNERS STAFF who are in countries with volatile situations.

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